I am Gravely Disappointed in the powers that be in Beijing, Your Country was compromised by a certain Tribe many decades ago and now you are just a Vassal State for that very Tribe, Whether you wish to admit it or not. However, I will not stand for your communist propaganda here at WTV and will Terminate With Extreme Prejudice as soon as I acquire your trolls here promoting communist propaganda...As Per This Evenings Terminations, Danke

Communism and Negros

Published on 20 Sep 2022 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi

Well. well well Dee negras are dat stupid dat day layerned about divisulation but us white folk DO NOT want any "Brotherhood" with the negro so this division is a jewish fairy tale

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JudgementIsComing 3 days ago

Great clip. The NIGGER bitch* at the end had it wrong. We will NEVER be one people.

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psychopantz 4 days ago

"Jim Crow-ism" haven't heard that before 👍

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Admin 6 days ago

Ja, I am a strict believer in "The No Nigger Zone" Send them back

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DTGKSonofGod 6 days ago

The magic words spoken to niggers in the 60s was : " Wee haz right's dat iz inayleeabul and so weez intitled to sechun 8 cribs and a lifetime of food stamps and craka howz "

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DeathToJWO 6 days ago

All they had to do was dumb down the people, because only retards would go along with this shit...

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DTGKSonofGod 6 days ago

I know White's have been force retardidized by the relentless propaganda , that elevates niggers to the status of some kind of super human deified brute beast with greezee damn insect bristled skulls !!

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