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Communist Jews And White Traitors

Published on 07 Sep 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣ Communist Jews And White Traitors

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missgayle 2 months ago

My comment here has been blocked on BitChute and, so I'll try it here.
By the toll of billions of deaths, mankind has more than paid the price and earned his birthright over the earth. This planet, this realm belongs to us and not to a parasitic, psychopathic, genetic atrocity whose inner world is a black hole that sucks out the light and transmutes into a darkness of its own making. It is a monstrous thing we fight, yet we must practice caution not to destroy our own souls in the process, because "whoever chases monsters," and all that implies.
I hope that at least some of us will not go quietly into the night, refusing to vanish without a fight. Never let it be said that we laid down and accepted enslavement for the sake of comfort and ease. That we chose to die having done "something" instead of died having done nothing. May we fight to the end of all things, all the while mindful of the divine spark within us, from whomever has given it, and bow down to no one.
These creatures are fools not to fear us. After all, "the most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose." --James Baldwin--

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DouglasMuller 2 months ago

Thank you it's nice to hear a woman speak this way in appreciate it.

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exposethejeugenda 1 month ago

a struggle and fight will come but it will be under a different name than white genocide because most are too stupid to see the obvious....It will be a reaction to extreme oppression of freedom, food, and such my opinion......we WILL fight.....but it will be a reluctant one as the mind poisoning is continuous for decades......sow the fields, plant the seeds, and sharpen the weapons

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KMB 2 months ago


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