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..compilation of things to make you mostly go "oh do fook off" #217

Published on 22 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized


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Zombie_Annihilation 2 months ago (edited)

I live in Maine and can confirm how braindead people are out here. Thank god there is still plenty of woodland.

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Jews control everything it is futile

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I've been thinking more and more that the jews are partially right (only when it comes to the culling of our population)

All the child rape religious shit is evil but looking at the world objectively something needs to change.

Of course in the new world order the jews will reign even more supreme than they do now but does any of it really matter?

Blackpilled, bluepilled and redpilled.
Jew, nigger and white at the end of the day were just a pathetic group of organic lifeforms on a planet in the middle of an empty void in a universe we know nothing about and never will.

maby that's the point we fight to allow our future generations to figure it out, but look how that ended for our grandfather's and his before him, they fought for their nations and look at them now, humans inherent evil nature will never allow for peace only chaos.

Social media has destroyed the human race and it is irreversible the blackpill (What it entails) has ruined our civilization, women are whores only fucking the top 10% of men until they're 30+ having 60+ partners and 4 abortions 100 plan b's until they're used up and marry some limp dicked 5'9 loser who has a good job.

Most young men are virgins while the top 10% of men are fucking most the women.

And how the fuck is anything doable? Maby a few million people at a push are for white power and were against jews with 90% of the wealth in the near future we will have no choice but to be subservient.


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DDoubleDD 2 months ago

Great Job - Again.

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Soldier1 2 months ago

Inmates need to take over prisons and kill their captors.

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