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..compilation of things to make you mostly go "oh do fook off" #219

Published on 24 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized


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AppalachianAmerican 2 months ago

The photo at 32:46 is simply heartbreaking.

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Zombie_Annihilation 2 months ago

bacon just went up 8.4 percent that's it I'm drawing the line. It's time for a mass revolt.

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Wicked01 2 months ago

Yo publisher,you got a link to full clip of the jew priests section that was before 8min mark of this video ?
Top video btw 👍

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Soldier1 2 months ago (edited)

Some of those perps are incredibly ugly.

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Soldier1 2 months ago

Christopher Langan who has the highest IQ on record estimated between 190-210 says this about jews:
"The United States and the world is being systematically subjected to indoctrination designed to compel Whites to engage in miscegenation (genetic race mixing), thus to dilute Whites out of existence in a vast “Eurasian Negroid Race of the Future” as mandated by the Rothchilds, Warburgs and other pillars of international banksterism.

Soon enough, the real goal of the race mixers will be realized: no more White people. Just a vast sea of Black, Brown and Yellow drones genetically adapted to life in the world hive, and totally controlled by its greedy, malefic masters.”

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