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Complete Savages - episode 14 - Teen Things I Hate About You

Published on 22 Nov 2022 / In Comedy

⁣A televison series from 2004-2005
Produced by Mel Gibson
A single dad is trying to bring up his unruly sons on his own, as well as work as a fireman with his brother Jimmy, after their mother ran off 10 years before.
After watching this series I can see that this show did not go along with the mainstream media at the time. Although the last episode has a pride parade in it, just not in the way the jews would like. Probably had to agree to add a pride parade into an episode just to get approval for filiming the first season.
One Season and then cancelled.
One Year later Mel Gibson goes on his anti-semetic rant.
Was this show Mel Gibsons way of trying to shift the Overton window that got cancelled?

I found it funny and thought you might as well.

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