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Computer Graphics (proof NO planes were used on 911)

Published on 11 Sep 2021 / In 911

from my bitchute channel

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GottMitUns1986 1 year ago

All these videos have been edited removing the plane from the video. The "CGI planes" is just another bs thing thrown out there to get people arguing about if the planes were real or not instead of focusing on getting the people who really did 9/11.

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Stuntdouble 12 months ago

What do you mean it doesn't matter! This implicates another sector of the )oo cabal, the MEDIA.

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GottMitUns1986 12 months ago

@Stuntdouble: There is a piece of the plane hanging off the side of one of the buildings. The only thing you need to implicate the jew media is them pushing Osama Bin Laden as the person behind the attacks.

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mikaowx 1 year ago (edited)

Whether planes were used or not isn't the point. The point is the buildings were brought down in a controlled manner. The twins had been done in an unusual manner yet still there are anomalies that show the hidden hand orchestrating the event. Perhaps we will never know the exact method the twins were demolished with. Then it's belief against belief only. None of the sides are able to know exactly what happened. Until you have spoken to someone who actually been there we can only guess. It is rather who did it and why they did it.

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