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Conan O'Brien is jewish

Published on 27 Mar 2022 / In Hollywood / Jewish Media

⁣From the documentary Conan O'Brien Can't Stop. He's always depicted himself as Irish and Catholic or lapsed-Catholic. I've suspected some intimate Jewish connection, so this doesn't come as a shock. He has so many characteristics that I associate with Jews.

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willy20 6 months ago

they take care of their own,all these years i thought he was 100% irish,did you know STALINS real last name is JUGHASHVILLI which translates to mean son of a jew.they hide their identities to blend in chameleons.

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mrdruid 6 months ago

If it's famous it's a kike, or a kike alike.
Niggers are of course a whole different animal than our "fellow white people", but they all suck the same kosher cock.

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GHREM 6 months ago

An awkward moment for sure, realizing you've been a fan of a KIKE. I'd say, he probably didn't want to come into the show after that sobering interaction with the deceptive, sneaky jew. I didn't know he was a KIKE, I thought he was Irish. I hope someone puts an Aryan bullet in his KIKE face, and hangs his jew producer.

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AppalachianAmerican 6 months ago

Can't be half pregnant, half White, or half Jewish.

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TinyCow 5 months ago

my thoughts exactly

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Spectralwulf 6 months ago

Another Kosher Chameleon. They have always been able to pose as various American ethnicities, either by screwing their women to make kosher half breeds or by cosmetic disguise. Their entertainment operations were always illusions and deceptions to steer society where they wanted it to go.

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