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Contemplating EGO And Where Humans Are Inherently Weakest

Published on 25 Apr 2022 / In People & Blogs

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de Hewitt House of Publications and Radio

Egos are created via one's habits.
These habits attract demons or egos. These entities then lull your Being to sleep and attach themselves to one's mind where the Being once was active.
The egos become the self/selves and start using your vessel to feed. You cannot serve 2 masters,which is why one must wake up it's Being and annihilate those demons/egos. Once the egos are annihilated, the Aryan Spirit/Being awakens unto bliss. This is known as reaching Christos or becoming a Christ or Buddha.

This is called the great work, or Alchemy.... Turning lead egos/demons to gold Being/Spirit.
Annihilate the lead/egos/demons and all that's left is the Gold/Aryan Spirit .

When the Being/Spirit occupies the mind as Christ, this is Bliss.

Another way of looking at it is....
Gold Tweety in the bird cage.
Gold Tweety is Being/Spirit and the bars of the cage is egos/demons holding the Being /Spirit hostage.

It's said that the Spirit is in the heart (maybe the ethereal mind is in the heart?) Well, where is the heart with Spirit in it ?
Answer:: the rib cage.

There's actually a lot more to it, but I hate typing on my phone.


Great work, Rebel
We think a lot a like with the exception of ego (s) death.
Death of the egos doesn't lead to pacification of us men, it allows our Being, our authentic self, our Aryan Spirit to have control of this meat suit vessel we find ourselves in.

Make sense ?

~William de Hewitt

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de Hewitt House of Publications and Radio

To be clear...

I am by no means a Christinsane. Jewsus is not going to cum, turn the other butt cheek and save me.
I'm certainly not going to love my parasite fucking jew enemy.

To me, waking the Aryan Spirit of the Rh- Aryan god and goddess to Christos is how we escape this realm.

I assume the Rh+ Aryan man and woman has the same ability.

Christ is a title. One becomes a Christ by reaching Christos.
What I wrote above in my original message is the simplified process how.

I hope what I wrote makes sense and helps whoever chooses to look into this knowledge and decide to practice it.

To me, becoming a Christ is our ticket out of this shithole realm of the jealous bitch yhwh.
It's up to us with an Aryan Spirit within us to fight the Black Magik of these parasite jew terrorists and their hordes of non Aryan proxy armies who are invading every Aryan country in this shit realm.
We've nowhere left to White Flight, so it seems that it's now time to awaken the God within us and annihilate these other demons who have their own bodies.

God is only inside the Aryan.
Demons/egos are within most everyone else.

Demons can attach themselves to our minds, they also can be born into vessels made up of mixed blood. The more mixed blood, the purer the jew..

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Bumblebee99 1 year ago

they do not like what i say

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NarrowPathOTR 1 year ago

Thank you, brother. Your work is timeless and has helped me in so many ways. I appreciate your bluntness and boldness when it comes to speaking the truth and trying to wake up humanity.

I had noticed a notification on your page (not sure if the message was created by you), but it was along the lines of people embedding your work. Are you not in favor of people sharing your work? Or are you eluding to those who literally steal your entire catalog and pretend to be you?

I want to make sure we're on the same page, because I've shared your work with people, but have never pretended to be you, nor have I ever made a dime off of sharing information, nor do I want to. I've always given you sole credit and have always instructed people to follow your channel and support you in any way they can.

I have noticed channels on Bitchute that appear to be newer, and that are using your work, but I'm confused as to whether it is you using those channels. I completely understand being upset if people are literally stealing your likeness because that's totally f'd up. However, if you don't want people sharing your work at all, I understand. I just want to make sure we're on the same page. I have a high amount of respect for you and your work, so I don't want to insult or piss you off in any way. Peace and blissings to you and yours. Take care out there.

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