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COP26: Summit of Pansyass Tyrants & "Excellencies"; Royalty & Banksters

Published on 06 Nov 2021 / In Police State / J.W.O.

⁣Sound is a bit strange... but i suppose the video doesnt really start til around the 8min point. Sorry about that, everyone.
**I Know its difficult to look at the Bigger picture, everyone; but Please try to keep in mind: while ALL this is happening and being planned, the White genocide IS in full bloom; 100% still ongoing. The UN is 100% aware of the genocide, they DO have written documents AND programs on it (all of which ive shared/exposed in past videos). They DO NOT care for Whites, in the Least. So although this Does affect Every race, Whites are hit hardest with all this.

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shane127 9 months ago

carbon is life,they want to reduce life.

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