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Cops clear in Charleena Lyles shooting

Published on 17 Jul 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣Charleena Lyles

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eric_blood 8 months ago

Just imagine... If all these blacks were to go back to, or be placed back into their African We Was Kangz Wakanda homeland, this wouldn't even have happened! She could instead, lunge at dinner with a knife instead of two cops! 'Course... That's not to say that I trust the Piggers either.

While that stands to reason, even stronger of reason, is the fact that these creatures are not happy here. So you'd think they'd go back to their beloved stinking shitpile huts where they can be equal & happy. LOL! They know they wouldn't be happy there.

They hate Africa, but claim to love it & get tattoos of it on their arms legs & ass, they wear it's symbols on necklaces, jackets, & t-shirts, & name their offspring African names upon Western Nations. The whole thing is just gross, & the whole problem was created & is perpetuated still today, by World Jewry!

Adolf Hitler was right!
Gott Mit Uns 1488

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CroatianFascist 11 months ago

What a ugly nigger.

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Hatbox 11 months ago

Correction: she was an unwed, pregnant mom of 4 children, all probably illegitimate.

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Deemax 11 months ago

Thank goodness it was euthanized before it could defecate another nigglet parasite (it's fifth!)...on a side note these undomesticated apes are quite happy when a nigger police officer kills a white woman for much, MUCH less, yet when one of their brood dies whilst violently chimping out it's "rasiss"...the only reason why these apes are making themselves heard in the first place was in the hope of securing a pay deal. Even in death they try and cost humanity.

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