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Published on 12 May 2022 / In Uncategorized

⁣Amelia Baca, of Las Cruces, was shot dead on April 16 by a nine-year veteran officer after her daughter called 911 and reported the woman was 'trying to kill me.'

'I really need an officer, an ambulance, or someone because my mother's getting aggressive right now,' her daughter, who was not identified, told a 911-operator.

'She's 75 and she has dementia. I'm hiding in a room because she is threatening to kill me...I have my little one here.'

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handyjack58 3 days ago

The Cops are Agents of the Crown , the same as " Lawyers ". They are not our " Police " . This lady could of been tazed or even just had the knife taken away from here, Their Police go Israel and are trained by the Shin Bet. This pig is a sociopath or psychopath. In my City Kim Garner would indict him .

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ConorMcCormack 7 days ago

Looks like a satanic mestizo cop

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UncleSemantic 8 days ago

Cops are such vile pieces of shit and so are their “back the blue” defenders who’d be the first to be murdered by a smiley oinker cunt like this. the kikes have taught their chattel goyim well, they LUV conflict and murder and fucking with people and of course will never take prison like a man so they lie in the courts. “I feared for my life from demented grandma” cause I’m a pussy. And worst of all they’re unbelievably stupid. Such wannabe tough guys and you amerikan scum have allowed these kike-henchmen to get away with this evil time and time again. I hate cops. Die of cancer and get butchered by niggers you traitor swine.

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Antifederalist1333 7 days ago

I was born well after Jews took America over. What exactly was I supposed to do. People are so saturated in their media empire they cannot understand the truth when I speak it. It’s like trying to explain to Christians that Jesus isn’t coming to save them and it’s a Jewish religious mind control program. I’d have better luck with a turtle. I live in an open campus insane asylum where people believe in magic Jews bringing back the dead and that trump is gonna save us. They’re so brainwashed they don’t even know they don’t know. If you’ve got a fucking solution, I’m all ears. Germany and Russia fell to the Jews, now we’ll see how Americans fair.

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WitChKinG 1 day ago

@Antifederalist1333: america has been jewish since jamestown. true story.

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Antifederalist1333 1 day ago

@WitChKinG : Christianity is a Jewish religion. So, yes unfortunately America was already infected with Jew philosophy before it began. Even tho Thomas Jefferson tried his best, the other Founders were Masons fulfilling what was in the Protocols of Zion. To create a counter government to destroy the white royal bloodlines in Europe. It worked, they’re all “Democracies” now. Thankfully the Antifederalists forced these Masons to Amend the Constitution and add the Bill of Rights. Without which we would be fucked like Canada and Australia. Looks like we’ll find out if that was enough.

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Siegkreuz 8 days ago

Tard mason cops

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BrodyBro 8 days ago

Shooting? No this is murder..

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