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Covid Beyond Human Chimera

Morgellons Live
Published on 25 May 2021 / In Uncategorized

BitChute ⁣
⁣Those who are not able to correlate & connect the dots of Morgellons to present day situations are wasting your time . If you do not know what the BioWeapons Disease Morgellons is you far from putting this together , but hey , that is why all your hero fake Covid Doctors are here . That Dr Carrie even said Quote ' I was at all Craig Venters Meetings & Conferences ' , look at my World War ZZZ videos & many others I have on Craig Venter , so it has taken this Faker all this time to say something , that says it all & when you watch those videos on Craig Venter & the Gulf of Mexico Event Horizon , you will know all with Buttar video I have , they are Fakers .

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