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COVID - Retired Nurse Arrested by Hull Police for Saving Her 97 Year Old Mum from Care Home

Published on 05 Nov 2020 / In Entertainment
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Zenith26 15 days ago

There's a special place in Hell waiting for these Pig scum bastards.

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asbelowsoabove 6 days ago

why use "pig" as an insult?
pigs are usually nice if you are nice to them; unlike these morons

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Unreconstructed Yeoman
Unreconstructed Yeoman 9 months ago


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Women have no idea. "We have to question the 'rules'", "I don't have and option do I?". Give a woman a rule and it's an absolute. Back it up with 'authority figure' and it's slavic obedience even when they scream: "This SHOULDN'T happen". This is the world women wanted. Be careful what you wish for. When your 97 year old grandmother is handed over to the nigger processing home of central Africa they'll still scream at least I voted for a mosque 'cause I'm no racist.

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