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crazed rabbi cries about the Hitler channel

Published on 04 Aug 2022 / In Hollywood / Jewish Media

crazed rabbi cries about the Hitler channel
⁣Amazon Under Fire for Selling, Streaming More Than 30 Nazi Propaganda Films

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CroatianFascist 2 months ago


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Bill 2 months ago

Think how proud bernays is chester. You'd think he could give us the amazon link.

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oddwarlock 2 months ago

shut up you dirty jude

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AryanRooster 2 months ago

Looks like poor shlomo got very hungry when talking mad on video.

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Hatbox 2 months ago

The Jewish Virtual Library published by AICE (American Israeli Cooperative Enterprises), was launched in 1997. It covers topics like Jewish history, Judaism, etc. In "biography", it lists all Nazi top brass as Jewish.

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Chrisredfield6413 2 months ago (edited)

If you were hated enough by jews, you would be lied and slandered in so many ways, including convincing others that the people who were against them were there agents or jews themselves. More than christianity, the jews perceive NS Germany as the greatest threat to their goal of taking over the world and ruining the non-jews.

In online games or the internet in general, publically showing a swastika would have you banned most of time while the commies would be ignored as usual.

Go on a busy street wearing a swastika and see how fast the jews will immediately become hostile to you.

It is very clear for those who are not ignorant that the real threat to jews is Adolf Hitler's National Socialism.

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