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Creepy and Dystopic UK Government Ad

Published on 13 Jan 2022 / In Dystopia

⁣A British Government propaganda video advertising political reeducation courses for people placed on a watchlist of so called "extremists" without their knowledge or consent, because someone informed on them to the authorities about their beliefs.

As a consequence the UK now employs a vast industry of full time commissars and political psychiatrists on incredible payrolls lurching into the billions of pounds, who attempt to deprogram people deemed "a threat to society" for holding political beliefs that are not pro-multicultural political beliefs.

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Yay, Plantation Slavery... it's such a beautiful business model.

Gov dictates citizen's entire lives; from their breeding behaviour, to how many of their children Gov can abduct, how/where they can live, their ability to discriminate in the interests of themselves, their family & community by any/all characteristics, their freedom of association, who they must serve in their business or welcome into their community, what violence they can use to protect their Kith & Kin, which healthcare they can access, when they can die... just like every other Slave owner in history.

Manifestly, the UK/US never abolished slavery, they abolished Competition to Monopolisation of The Slave Market by Gov & a carefully curated selection of their corporate cronies.

Thank goodness for The Managed Plantation Slave Economy. Where would we be without it.

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Freedom 5 days ago

In other words, if they stop believing the JWO lies, report them to the gov.

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ScreamingInSilence 5 days ago

I once worked at a local hospital. Around 2014/15, we were sent to a 90 minute briefing on 'How To Spot a Terrorist'.

Given there's a lot of Muslims and other immigrants working within the NHS and also sent to the same briefings, I thought this could be awkward and cause feathers to be ruffled amongst our foreign workforce.

In this briefing we were shown clips from a film that was used as their presentations in their arguments and bullet points of what to look for.

The film clips they used were from... "This Is England".

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Spectralwulf 5 days ago

Go ahead and call these commissars and invite them to show up where ever you want the ambush to take place.

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