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Crisis Actor Robby Parker Laughing On Camera After His Daughter Was 'Murdered'

Messenger Charles
Published on 20 Dec 2021 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

Another video for my portfolio.

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Wicked01 1 month ago

Lil liar bastard did it before his speech too!
There is no right way to grieve/ show sorrow, but laughing/smiling is not one of them!

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Soldier1 1 month ago

You know all those families had their homes paid off on Christmas day (a non banking day) after this incident, right? This was one giant hoax, and all the jews involved liars. Jews don't even send their kids to public schools. This guy was one crummy actor.

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Messenger Charles
Messenger Charles 1 month ago

Yes didn't they use a dummy empty building faking it as a school (a film set)?

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