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David Goldberg's Final Word

Published on 27 Jun 2022 / In Conspiracies


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R1Nation 4 months ago

This is very old I could remember it from years before the pandemic and it's very accurate
Blackouts will happen this winter and Russia will be blamed
MI5 is all now saying there is an increase in far right terrorism even though no one has been identified. Apparently they thwarted it before it started
If they get your image they will cross-reference social media and use face recognition to arrest you

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dlm1488 6 months ago

Who is the man speaking?

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mikaowx 7 months ago (edited)

Watch any David Goldberg interview. This guy doesn't even have "born in america" accent. Why would a jewish zionist CEO whose wife is the CEO at facebook another zionist channel speak about this shite?

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