I am Gravely Disappointed in the powers that be that have my dear brother Mr. Bond in shackles, This is a travesty of justice of the highest magnitude and needs to be reviewed, As Per my letters I write weekly. If you notice brothers and sisters...The new ad here at our beloved WTV. Please feel free to click the ad and it will take you to the information needed to drop Mr. Bond a letter or a postcard as well as updates on trials and proceedings and commisary for him. "Strength And Honor"

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David Hogg told what to say in interview suspicious coached interivew- crisis actor

Published on 10 Apr 2019 / In Conspiracies

Uploaded another mirrored vid of David Hogg before it gets taken down on youtube.

Original video from VesselAnaw:

supposed Parkland survivor David Hogg is caught giving a strange rehearsed interview where he stalls to remember what to say - at one point someone off camera, his ex-FBI Dad?, tell him to say "I don't know how to put this into perspective" - anti gun activist ex-FBI training coach Father

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Allophylian 11 months ago

Mamma's Pussy Boy. Uses tampons. His mother is proud as

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ytrebiLeurT 1 year ago

Innocent looking young people are briefed in order to convince the believability of the lie. If they were to take an incredibly ugly person, everyone would recognize the lie immediately (no, this is no discrimination against "ugly" people because they too can of course be honest and pretty people can be liars). Psychological warfare through seemingly innocent charm ...

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pastprovespresent 12 months ago

Because at one time, God's chosen were noble. That meant something. Being young, usually meant not knowing enough to corrupt on that level. So yes, one tends to believe the young when they would tell of such horrific accounts. The pretty vs. ugly. Well, I think it's in our biology to save the best able to survive first. That would be the pretty and strong ones, not the feeble and deformed. So once again, there is something to what you are saying and it's not against anyone. If we did the opposite, we would be extinct really fast.

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