Deaf-Mute She-Male Sings “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston

Published on 23 Nov 2022 / In Homo / LGBTQP Agenda


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TheDeb69 4 days ago

Omg!! LOL!! 😂 please god forgive for laughing at a deaf mute, but damn good whale song!

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I think joos like forcing RETARDS on us to torment us. Of course, they love forcing all manner of degenerates, that's just a given, but I think they really love forcing fucking RETARDS, like that Greta Thunberg. It can't help that it's a retard/ fetal alcohol syndrome rape baby and it can't help that it might even be a biological male that it's cruel handlers dress up as girl and force it to regurgitate BS off it's joo-world-order script anymore than this gimpy deaf mutant mongrel shit-skinned retard tranny that was placed, by joos, on that stage in a blonde wig pretending to "sing" a song originally sung by another trannified abomination in a blonde wig....

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DTT_8777 4 days ago

Well many people saw Homosexuality as sexual attraction between people of the same gender.

Nobody thought that Pedophilia would be related to sexual orientation in first place

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chucky8787 5 days ago

this is just to mock European beauty

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Hatbox 5 days ago

She/he is attempting to sing, but I wonder what its concept of music and sound is? How would it know what to sing? She/he would have fared better using sign language lol.

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Joe Lowsac
Joe Lowsac 5 days ago

I fucked a deaf chick once. Never again, it did not go well. Aside from being deaf she was extremely hot. I spent almost two hours in the bar teaching her prison sign language just so I could chat her up (In prison I did a year in the hole and there is a kind of sign language used to talk with people in other cells across the tier). That was the only deaf girl I'd ever hooked up with and I did not anticipate the noises. She had not made a sound all night. I'd had a few pints of Guinness by then and despite great effort I could not keep from laughing. I tried slowing the intensity and tempo but the noises kept coming. When she realised I was laughing she took it all most unpleasantly. While I'm getting dressed she's signing and unlike before now it is accompanied by sound because she's so pissed. Though I felt terrible it was only making me laugh harder. I'm not even sure she knew exactly why I was laughing. I wanted to apologise but there was no way to get through it. I still feel terrible about it but even now, years later, I don't think I could get through an apology with a straight face. I really do feel terrible though. Still laughing but terrible, just terrible. Never again, I don't care how hot she is.

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