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Dear Wolfgang Sandy Hook Capstone Event (film by Marty Leeds 2018)

Ed Cassidy
Published on 26 Aug 2020 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

Wolfgang Halbig demonized for absolutely telling the truth and showing common sense evidence that cannot be disputed.

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1 year ago

I knew Rachel, I thought she was dead but oddly enough I walked into her dad's shop not knowing he owned it to get an emissions test....who was behind the desk?
She looked shocked to see me, talk about sweating bullets.

The press claimed she had two sisters, she had ONE that looked nothing like her.

A note on her father, he's a registered sex offender...for raping his OWN daughters. Now he's magically off the registry.
He's not supposed to be around children, schools, etc but he can go to these events & put up an anti-gun website in her name.

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