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Deep Truths - How Humans Operate & Are So Profoundly Manipulated (Know Thyself)

Published on 02 May 2022 / In People & Blogs

I wish I could this into EVERYONE's head on the whole of the earth....the world would begin to change tomorrow if JUST THIS could get into everybody's head. I recorded this originally for YouTube so I never came right out and said "jews". On this platform, we all know what's up....but I was trying to crack minds over on Youtube before those cocksuckers shut me down....AGAIN!! This is still worthy of sharing with all of you wonderful people.

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Saint_Adolph_Hitler 2 months ago (edited)

In one sentence "It's the filthy jew beast stupid,".

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Remmy J Knowings
Remmy J Knowings 7 months ago

Have you ever see a seed going to tree school? NO!!!! How come they put us into one to teach us to be-come humans?! Think about it...,if you are still alowed to do so. Thanks MeatPuppet..,love from a like minded swine killer in the netherlands x

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unusualman 7 months ago

You Sir are a wizard. Your link was banned from Bitchute and so I thought I must find this fellow meat suit person. I found a link from OurTube and it lead me here. Are you still living in your car because I can chuck you you some bucks to get a room and a shower.

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The Rebellious Meat Puppet

I'm good for now, but thanks for the sentiment nonetheless.

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5plus4 7 months ago

Yeah agreed
This man is the only one that makes sense I have to hear his continued truth.
RMP thank you for your time

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LordOfTheDamp 7 months ago

It's almost as if the planet is controlled by aliens. Their nature is very alien to us and the planet. It's as if they've got another planet to go to once they've fucked this one up.

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Tartarian_goys 7 months ago

Thanks meat puppet

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