Defend our children

Published on 06 Apr 2022 / In Pedophilia / Trafficking

⁣Defend our children

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pater409 11 months ago

Bravo! Common sense is antithetical to hook-nosed, blood-drinking, child-raping JEW perversion, and this lady possesses it in spades. Those sick and demonic beasts who are up in arms over not being able to murder babies should all be tortured, slaughtered and butchered, lined up against a wall and cut down like stalks of wheat with .50-caliber machine gun fire.

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happyapple4 12 months ago

You go girl. Someone has to stand up for the children. And she is.

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Truthload 12 months ago

Smart woman. Wife material 👍She is spot on.fucking retired judge and Disney employees just got busted a few days ago for their sick child trafficking shit

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bannedforhatespeech 12 months ago

she'd probably run away as soon as she sees my swastika flags and armband though.

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pater409 11 months ago

This young lady has also launched a few diatribes against the Blowvid Scamdemic. We need many more like her.

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