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Delusional Cuck Says Biden Hates Blacks

Published on 15 Aug 2021 / In News & Politics
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SaxonWarrior 1 month ago

What a moron!!
This guy is completely delusional, he's just completely brainwashed!! The US was NOT 70% White in the 70's it was about 90% White!! The census is misleading because they aren't counting the 30 million minimum illegal aliens and it counts non-Whites like jews and arabs as White!! The bottom line is that Whites globally were snit 38% of the world's population and today we are only approx 6-7%, THIS IS GENOCIDE BECAUSE IT'S OBVIOUSLY BEING DONE PURPOSEFULLY!!
Martinez said that Biden's new infrastructure bill was discriminating against Whites as a race and it just blew right over his head and he thinks that it is hurting negroids because of taxes WHICH VERY FEW NEGROIDS ACTUALLY PAY, regardless its completely not true is hurting Whites exclusively AS USUAL!!

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Paulsmithatkins 2 months ago

Kabbalah Harris is a jews nigger

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Spectralwulf 2 months ago

Biden probably does despise blacks, but that doesn't stop such Jew controlled commiecrats from manipulating them and using them as tools and weapons against white Americans. Both blacks and whites in the US are obstacles in the way of globalist totalitarianism. The new census shows blacks being at 12.5% which I recall being 13% in 2010 so at least they are not mass-multiplying. The Dem elites would probably prefer a population of subservient, hard-working Latinos and Asians that are more likely to accept serfdom under a communist regime than most whites and blacks are willing to tolerate. If they institute Chinese-style social credit scores, most blacks will quickly become outcastes unable to do anything. Whites are more likely to resist the loss of their freedoms and are thus the greatest threat to globalist domination

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Soldier1 2 months ago

I wonder why so many voted for him then?

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