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Delusional jews anoint messiah/anti-christ

Published on 11 Apr 2021 / In Judaism / Talmud

⁣Jews Have Anointed a Messiah Called Jizkiahu Ben David
others are ⁣speaking about him as the “anti-Christ.”

Google it for yourself. Breaking: (March/April 2021)

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Allophylian 7 days ago

There's a ''messiah'' behind every Baal - Cohen in Israel. You'd think by now their
real ''messiah'' would have appeared. No homeland without Moshiach - it's in your

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White Power
White Power 4 months ago

Of course its a FALSE "messiah", the TRUE Messiah isnt a hook nosed mongrelized offspring of the devil cainite known as "jew" today!!

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White Power
White Power 4 months ago

A well used 50 cal machine gun or well placed atomic bomb would do that litter box in the middle east wonders...

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GlitterFinch 4 months ago


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RobertCoxswain 4 months ago

Not sure how accurate the Moshiach connection is, but it should be soon, the world is waking up, which demands desperation.

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