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Demon Magicians Episode 7 - Demon Magic on AGT - The World's Best Mask Changer

Published on 25 Oct 2021 / In Uncategorized

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ARYAN VIKING 15 days ago

With an unlimited access to money the Jew can make any lie seem like truth and this is the way I look at magic, as something I don't care for. They could really impress me if they made all Jews disappear.

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Allophylian 17 days ago

''This bike is red - it's also a motorcycle'' - WTF? - is he gonna ride it or drive it?

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Harry Knowledge123
Harry Knowledge123 1 month ago

mask changer will be some kind of filter they can project on to his face and it locks in tight, if you notice it doesnt flop around or move like a normal face mask it stays rigid thats a projection.

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A_Sword_of_Truth 1 month ago

lots of hook noses in that crowd

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