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Denmark Norway temporarily suspend AstraZeneca vaccine over blood clot concerns

Published on 11 Mar 2021 / In News & Politics
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apekillerX 2 years ago

Those so called vaxx are custom made for White European's , not the 9 billion global horde of weaponized subhumanity flooding into every White Nation ! Those vaxx are a lethal injection aka last coffin nail in White genocide ! Do not be fooled for a minute fellow White Brethren , to think that those vaxx are for all the subhuman predatory rapists - thieves - parasites - cannibals - uncontrollable breeders and mass murderers of White European's.! The vaxx is just another genocidal weapon used by those fucking fake ass jews / SOS , to finally cull the entire global population of our race ! Never allow yourself or family to be tested or vaxxed !! You have been warned !!

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Zenith26 2 years ago

BBC Zio-mouthpiece News Anchor desperate to excuse this today in obligatory anxious tone, "...but this means nothing because people get blood clots anyway". People also got repertory ailments anyway, but not anymore, from March 2020 and forever, it's ALL COVID19. Selective justification is one of their bread and butter tactics.

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