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DEW Laser chops house in half (2018) California Fires

Published on 26 Dec 2020 / In Hoaxes / False Flags

Evidence of the use of Directed Energy weapons. I do believe that the Tennessee "car bombing" was a Directed energy weapons test. This may give some insight on why i believe this to be true. i will also link another video that shows an interesting angle of the world trade center possibly being destroyed by this new weapons system.

World trade center video:

for more info:

A video from 2016 of a weapons manufacturer demonstrating DEW capabilities:

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underrepresented 1 month ago

It's anti-semitic to blame fires on dewish tech.

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Bond0077 9 months ago

Trees need to dry out before they burn. Paint is highly flammable. If you light one corner of a timber framed house that's painted inside and out, along everything inside being flammable. You've never seen a burnt out car? How the hell can a laser weapon be mounted on a helicopter anyway? Wind direction is the cause of the anomolies. Remember, light one corner of a contained wooden structure and it will be entirely consumed. Like any house seem too old to fall for such a dumb explanation, are you sure your not just a faggot?

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The0ldBr33d 9 months ago

check out the links in the description

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Freedom 9 months ago

Solid info!

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