Dilbert in the park (mothers day)

Published on 14 Mar 2023 / In Comedy / Animation

Dilbert in the park (mothers day)

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jbl .
jbl . 14 days ago

The video won't play for me, as usual with WTV's troubles in recent weeks. But I'd like to comment anyway. Probably I'd like the video. On cartoonist Scott Adams, you know how he has a nigger character "identifying" as White? (Good and funny.) If Adams had the knowledge AND the courage, he'd have a good White character "identify" as jew to get all the privileges and benefits of being a scum jew: can do no wrong. anyone who says anything a jew doesn't like is denounced, demonized, deplatformed, de-monetized, de-jobbed. free monthly checks come from Holohoax survival for all family members. interest-free loans. open doors to fame and fortune in jew-owned industries such as hollywood, music, and sports. automatic release from arrest for very nearly any crime. and the list goes on.

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