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Disney - 1943 - Education For Death

Published on 06 Apr 2021 / In Uncategorized

Disney anti German WW2 propaganda cartoon.

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SerIntegral 1 month ago

Walt Disney brainwashing American People.
Actuaally feeding pedophiles.

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Ghost of Violence
Ghost of Violence 6 months ago

i could go into Rod Serling voice for a moment:

"imagine if you will ,

a man standing on 2 legs,
looking at a dog standing on 4,

and berating the dog for standing on only 2 legs,
and saying it should stand on 4 like he, the man, stands on 4.

that all 2 leg standers are evil and should be killed.

that 4 leg standers like he, the man, are the chosenites."

do you see how sick and twisted and reversed the jew mind and actions are?

they do every little sick thing they show in a movie they make,
claiming the other does it.

it goes beyond the comprehension of a normal mind that pursues simply truth.

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nimble23 6 months ago

Rod serling = freemason/jew.. They love to invert, divide and conquer, whilst getting paid through the nose.. lol ; )

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