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Published on 14 Sep 2021 / In Uncategorized

easy method

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TheDemonKing 2 days ago

I just wanted to put links to my channel up on bitchute
it didn't take very long for them to not only delete my comments My courier now can't make even a single comment on the bitchute website.
I have an actual plan and a real place for our people to come to actual land real properties they can come to in order to escape the Jew attempt at genocide against us.
I'm actually trying to build a real IRL community a real in person group where we will grow our own food and produce our own armor so we can fight back and resist
and apparently BITCUCK doesn't like that,took like less than a week for them to ban it,probably any mention of me from the site as well
if they're jumping on the jewish censorship bandwagon that quick they're obviously a bunch of Jew NWO shills that can't be trusted.
I just started this a couple weeks ago and talking about me is already getting banned from websites. my courier can't leave a comment about anything his account was banned from commenting just for spreading a link to my channel and telling our people about me.
I'd love to be able to have my link spread to some of these supposedly free speech sites but they're banning the few people trying to talk about me
just goes to show the moment a strong white man tries to stand up and form our people together in the real world,the Jews come out of the shadows to stop it.
I'm grateful this site exists because it may be the only place any mention of me is allowed on the internet. I haven't tried every alternative site yet and neither has my courier but I expect more fake free speech platforms are gonna be banning any links to my channel. Jews just can't resist Jewing and all this is just making me more determined to save our people

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Joel 2 days ago

Sacred Seed ,..........Toronto. For any Canadians out there. All the ''plant material'' you could dream of. MH can also be used to make a very special brew. Sold as pet bedding or a natural dye,......................OH,'ll see some colours all right.

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TheDemonKing 2 days ago (edited)

you can also eat it marijuana or hemp is actually really healthy especially the seeds. <br>we're already starting to grow some now that it's legal,mostly not even to smoke it once we get some plants producing seeds I'm gonna dry and stockpile the whole plants and seeds as a preserved food for my men. <br>it's a complete protein so it can get mixed into rice etc. as a healthy filler just like spinach <br>and thankfully we have a well so ain't nobody gonna turn off our water,they can screw off the government won't be killing us with starvation or dehydration here. We also have almost 900 gallons of water stored into large tanks in case we need it

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