doctor jane ruby from the stew peters show is a jewish zionist

Published on 11 Aug 2022 / In Cointel Pro Shills


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Louis Marschalko
Louis Marschalko 4 months ago

One of the first martyrs of Jew Finance was America's epic hero, General Patton, Commander of the U.S. Army invading Germany, the "knight of the armoured divisions". A descendant of the American pioneers, he thought of Nazism as a satanic evil. The propagandists, journalists and statesmen said so, anyway, so far as he was aware. He arrived in Germany hating it.He believed that the nazis must be punished. Then, a German dairymaid living in the neighbourhood of his H.Q. happened to come his way, and during a casual conversation she told him about the things happening behind the "villa of the commandant", i.e. his house. She described how the milk intended for the cities was dumped in the roads by the military police on the order of the Morgenthau boys, how, no longer Nazis but ordinary German soldiers were detained in crowded internment camps just because they did their duty, how the workers had been expelled from their homes out of revenge by the former inmates of the concentration camps, and how
Jewish doctors in the hospitals recommended that every fourth newborn baby should be killed with an injection because there was not enough milk.P144

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happyapple4 4 months ago

Male to female tranny. "Jane" speaks for Israel, not American children.

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jimmyhugo 4 months ago

Probably related to jack ruby rubenstein

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Iluvhitler70 4 months ago

Good info. Seems every opposition out there is run by kikes. Her only concern was with "the children of Israel." She can't even get that right. They are children of the most low, Satan.

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m0rglee 4 months ago

No ace 2 uptake for Jews or Amish.

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