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Don't Trust Anybody

Published on 02 Dec 2021 / In Documentaries

Today I thought to lay down the rules for survival in this world as a White man.

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Angleburrthumperdink 1 month ago

Take up a new skill, join a community group, go to a church, do something positive for yourself, then you can trust somebody. Eventually. Maybe. Be better than sitting alone all the time.

On the US justice system...

Fun Fact: Plantation Slavery, is a Business Model.

Gov dictates citizen's breeding behaviour, how/where they can live, when they can die; just like every other Slave owner in history.

Manifestly, the UK/US never abolished slavery, they abolished Competition to Monopolisation of The Slave Market by Gov & a carefully curated selection of their corporate cronies.

The US, and countries across the West, run on Managed Plantation Slave Economies.

Beneath the shiny technological progress, in many ways society has Regressed 1500+yrs back to the dark ages.

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twistedjoker 2 months ago

It is sad that we have to live like this we can not trust family we can have no friends or a lover it is just disgusting .you wonder what you live for in this world i real hope for the day when we can just start killing niggers and jews for sport.

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Fuck_all_jews 2 months ago


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HEILHITLER1488 2 months ago


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TheDemonKing 2 months ago

I use windows 7 and I set my computer to never update itself ever again
My computer doesn't turn itself on and whenever fuckery is done from the other side it just shuts itself down
If you have a fully updated computer with the latest version of windows,you need to fix that because your computer is spying on you all day there's an AI listening to you

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PrussianEmpress 2 months ago

Thank you for your honesty and insights Darryl. I never give 2nd chances. But you have my trust.

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jardin 1 month ago

I appreciate the advice too. No second chances once disrespected. (I have been stricter on women than men.) It is easier to be unapproachable to people all the time. But I still feel guilty if I'm cold to a good-willed stranger. Plus I hate to miss the opportunity to make a friend even if he/she is that 1 good person in 1000 people I meet. So I try to be polite to everyone and take revenge x10 times worse if I'm betrayed after trusting. Taking revenge would prove to yourself that you have the capability (means) to do so. Then, every time when you are polite to somebody or act as a moral person (in general), you know for sure it is because you chose to.

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PrussianEmpress 1 month ago

@jardin: I feel your comment so much. Thank you for your insights.

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