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Donald Trump's Shadow War Against Pedophilia

Published on 23 Jan 2021 / In Pedophilia / Trafficking

Donald Trump's Shadow War Against Pedophilia

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Panterabyte 14
Panterabyte 14 6 months ago

Oh please.... I hope you see this never aged well... Trump cares about Trump and well.... THE BLAX and THE GAYS and well... EVERYONE, unless of course... You're just a White person. I this case, Trump will not make mention that you even exist, because he is absolutely in on your replacement plan!

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LeniRiefenstahl 8 months ago

small fry and Trump may be one himself.

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KMB 8 months ago

These Are Low-Level Pedophiles Not High Level Pedophiles Like Billionaires
Trump Didn't Go After High Level Pedophiles Because Most of Them
Are Jews That Ship Kids Around The World For Profit Trump Didn't Touch
Israel That Sell Women And Children To The Highest Bidder

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Terry 8 months ago

MS13 were trafficking kids. They were a travel vehicle for kids from Southern America. They were heavily hit. ICE were doing genuine work. There is also military footage out there of them boarding submarines like little shitty ones full of kids. Remember that manhunt of the guy in Germany with a crossbow? They sent like 1000 police after him. No joke. Also Helicopters and thermal gear. For one man who built his own cabin and survived alone. Whst the media failed to mention even once was the forest he was in. It was a massive area owned by Rothschild family members. They are said to have hunted people for fun there. Lord knows what is going on. Some secret war maybe? We are seemingly powerless to help. I think the more we spread and discuss the more mistakes they make. They genuinely can't censor us all. It will end badly for them.

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