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⁣Double-vaccinated online casino worker has "cerebral event" on livestream

Published on 14 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Double-vaccinated online casino worker has "cerebral event" on livestream

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LMAO at 0:35 when the jew realizes the jig is up!

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These are all just 'computer glitches' caught on camera. Sure, the 'vaccine' caused it, but the real agenda is to overcome someone's right to choose when they inject or refuse. Then people will be dropping like flies, not reported on any MSM and then when it does come out that somethings going on as school empty, then they'll blame it all on unvaccinated anti-vaxxers. This is a culling programme and you have to voluntarily give them the right to cull you. The Kabbalah says so. Immune system or vaccines. Choice until they have a gun to your head. It's coming.

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Truthload 2 months ago

Let it ride.all the way to the morgue

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Wicked01 2 months ago (edited)

Called a bluff & lost!
Must admit tho the way they keel over ,seen a far from natural, oddly weird,imo!

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Is there a longer version that starts earlier?

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