Dov Zakheim - The 9/11 Mastermind

Published on 08 Sep 2020 / In 911

Dov Zakheim signed a document expressing a wish for a "new Pearl Harbor" to speed up implementation of its recommendations just a year before the attacks of 9/11 did exactly that!

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milhouse 2 years ago

why are none of the insiders hanging for treason?
where are the "good guys" in all of this?

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rambetter 2 years ago

Thank you for posting all of your videos. Invaluable.

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franciscopollardo 2 years ago

I will never give a Jew quarter in battle. They will be executed the way the Bolshivik Jew Polictical Officers were killed when the White Russians Surrendered on the Eastern Front. This practice by all SS Police combat units on said front.

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DOOR44 2 years ago

VERY odd that Dov Zackheim's defensive statements were included in this video. I lead me to believe that the USA is a free-for-all feeding trough for canon fodder FOR the ZIONIST's agenda and end of times talmudic prophecies. well placed man.

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PlasmaBurns 2 years ago

This video also needs to get spread everywhere. The jewish lawyers of the 9/11 compensation fund that blackmailed all 3000 families into giving up their Right to sue the US Govt for 9/11.

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