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Dr Ben Tapper ' more people have died of suicide than Corona" - yep cos it doesn't exist

Published on 16 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized


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ytrebiLeurT 1 month ago

All politicians, Bill Gates and whatever their name is, all come to court-martial for crimes against humanity and are fusiled ...

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Bill Neil
Bill Neil 2 months ago (edited)

The real and truthful Christ Jesus of Nazareth must be taught and lifted on high .Not this Judeo Christianity jesus (jewsus) that has been preached from the political theological "churches" and academia for the past 2 centuries. <br>It has caused a great famine in the land. Not of bread or of water. But of hearing and of recieving The WORD of God YHVH/ The I Am. <br>And now we are si spiritually bankrupt, that we wander after the Beast blind and do all we are told by that old serpent. <br>Pray and learn of The Christ Jesus of our Forefathers and We then must Repent of all our blind adherence to the Devil and his serpent's seed. Turn to The I Am that is The King of Adam kind of The house of Jacob/IS-RY-EL... <br>Christ Jesus of Nazareth born in Bethlehem of the womb of Sister in Marry by the spirit of The Almighty God in Heaven ;Is King of king's! ❤✋🙂💨⚔🍀

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Bill Neil
Bill Neil 2 months ago

Speak Brother!
Truth has no Fear!

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NewWorldEbola 2 months ago

the music utterly destroys this video

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gordonsumner 2 months ago

The first thing they teach future MDs in medical schools...the most basic skill they need to master...IS how to Gaslight patients! MDs can't heal shit...and they know they instead gaslight patients to doubt their own symptoms. That way the doctors don't get exposed...that they can't cure 95% of diseases and that they don't know jack shit about the causes.

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Angleburrthumperdink 2 months ago

The BBC produced a series in the UK called Junior Doctors. It followed junior doctors doing their training in the NHS. This was almost twenty years ago. I only ever saw five or ten minutes of one show, and I've never forgotten it because it was so shocking to me. I've tried searching the net for the series in the past but have never been able to find it. The BBC do that, they bury their really good stuff in a vault somewhere.

The thing I found so shocking, was a junior doctor going into a senior doctor's office for a chat about patient interaction because he didn't know what to say or how to behave towards patients. The senior doctor told this kid, "they expect us to know everything, so that's how we need to behave, with authority."

I'll admit, even at that young age I was already quite skeptical about Dr's anyway, but to see this on national TV completely blew my mind and I never fully trusted another thing a Dr said. In hindsight, this was probably the intended purpose of the BBC airing that show. The Tories & Labour do that in the UK, they're constantly fighting over what perception the public have of this 150Bn p.a. NHS Human Farming system they're running.

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