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Dr David Duke - A message to "Christian" Zionists.

Published on 14 Jan 2022 / In Jewish Question
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mikaowx 12 days ago

they are mocking christians because they know all the evangeliums are fables. mockery isn't hate. how would the church know how jc looked like? where do all the depictions and statues come from despite the alleged father of jesus; the god of the old testament forbade to make carved images or statues?

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serpentslayer 12 days ago

Chrtistianity is a jew made religion, that has worked just like planned. Wake the F up. Christianity is the complete opposite of scripture

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Freedom 12 days ago

Good video of truth.

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Soldier1 12 days ago

That clip is as stupid as some of the stuff you see on American TV that's produced by jews.

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pater409 13 days ago

I've seen the clip of the stinking, pus-oozing, 65-I.Q. JEWESS SLUT torturing the monkey before. I will not sit through it again, so I am cutting out immediately. I only hope that stinking JEWESS WHORE is permanently and perpetually ravaged by herpes and syphilis.

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