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Dr Duke & Andy Hitchcock – Proof that a Russo-Ukraine War is a Top  (JWO) Jew World Order Objective. Jews will Dance with Joy when the Goyim Kill each other!

Published on 28 Jan 2022 / In Police State / J.W.O.

They want to see the massacre of both Ukrainian White nationalists and

Russian White nationalists!

Duke explains more of the background of Russia and more of the
background of Putin and where he came from. When the jews were
focused on the middle east he took power after Jeltsin and
accumulated power before the jews eye´s had the chance to returned
to Russia. Putin is not a Jewish stooges and have kicke out jewish
oligarchies, but of course he must also be diplomatic with this
powerful force, it says it self.

This and much more in this episode.

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CommanderRockwell 3 months ago

What happened to you Dr. Duke? You've clearly been compromised... It's just such a damn shame. Used to have so much respect for you

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frogsgottalent 4 months ago

Duke is talking SHIT !!! Russia is 100% controlled by theSynagogue of SatanKIKES ! Putin( motherSholomova !!!). The Russians are GUARDING theGolanHeights FOR THE KIKES ! They are participating in the extermination ofArabs( OperationHornet) taking the position of " Good Cop " in a " Good Cop vs BadCop " pantomime. Belt and Road/ NewSilkRoad/BRICS......they don't give a fuck about theSyrians or anyone else . Duke is either delusional or working for theKikes. WTFU.....

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jimmyhugo 5 months ago

to me it doesn't matter if the khazar history is true or not but I've heard that is real wants more land obviously and considers ukraine a jewish land. So hopefully not but if they can start a war in ukraine the real ukrainians will die obviously either directly or from sickness and starvation and then the jews with poroshenko will swoop in and live happily ever after.

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XOTFAJ100 5 months ago

The only solution to White genocide is extermination of the FAJ / SOS / GOG and their global horde of 9 billion invading weaponized subhumanity !


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