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Dr. Stefan Lanka - No Measles Virus Exists - Proven In Court

Messenger Charles
Published on 09 Jan 2022 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

The same goes for CoronaVirus (Cov-Yid 1984)

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Bill 13 days ago (edited)

Seems like the BEST people come from Germany. No wonder the destroyers hate them so much, God bless Stefan Lanka and those that spread his words. I think this brave young lady interviewing Dr. Lanka should be referred to as Tartarian Lady rather than russian girl.

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Messenger Charles
Messenger Charles 13 days ago

She's a gem and very intelligent - her high forehead says it all and she shows Stefan Lanka so much respect.

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Soldier1 13 days ago

So we've been getting the MMR vaccine just so jews could pump us full of mercury, aluminum, and cancer cells? Got it.

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Konigtiger1945 13 days ago

And the plebs still think viruses fly through the air 😂🤪. Yellow fever..spread by mosquitoes. Injected into the blood. Always through the blood. Herpes the most common(?) probably you get while your in your mother’s womb .

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