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Dr Wesley Swift- I Am the Way

Published on 02 Apr 2022 / In Bible / Sermons


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BrotherinChrist 2 months ago

Praise our Eternal King Jesus Christ!

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TSOSWBEX77 3 months ago

All White Adamic Israelite's have a direct Spiritual Link with our Creator Christ Yashua !

That Link is in our DNA - the Spiraling stairway , that leads back to the God who Created it !

The Light of our Spirit can move freely thru the tunnel of that spiraling stairway to Heaven / Throne of Yahweh !!

Ecclesiastes 12:6 KJV : " Or ever the silver cord :{ the silver cord is the spiritual umbilical cord , sometimes visible via NDE , as I once had when I was 16 yrs. old ; I also had an astral plaining experience , many years ago , when i had backslid and was dabbling with spiritism and other wickedness }: be loosed :{ which happens when our bodies die }: , or the golden bowl be broken , or the pitcher be broken at the fountain , or the wheel broken at the cistern."

Our : Appearance / Creativity / Inventivity / God Conscientiousness / Intelligence / Insight / Benevolence etc.. are Images of our Creator , that made us in his image and : ""LIKENESS"" !!

I believe that the so called star named : ""POLARIS"" is the physical location and Throne of our God Yahweh !!

If you were to use : ""TIME LAPSE VIDEO"" of the night sky and watch it with advancing speed , you can clearly see that the entire night sky , spins like a : ""WHEEL IN THE SKY"" with Polaris in a fixed and unmoving position , at the top and center ; this is absolute proven empirical / observable fact !!

Psalm 23:4 KJV : "Yea , thou I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death , I will fear no evil ; for thou art with me ; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me," :{ Means : " traveling thru the dark grey tunnel of death ; that appears as a spiraling tunnel with streaks of white around the interior of the tunnel , just as you see when viewing a time elapsed video of the darkened nightime sky .

There is a Light at the end of the spiraling tunnel , just like there is at the northern zenith of the spiraling nightime sky , called : ""POLARIS""

Polaris is fixed in position above us and is where Yahweh looks down upon the works of the sons of Man .

The Earth is also fixed in position and does not move :{ an illusion most people have , when they see the stars and moon and sun traveling across the sky }: If we were moving in the 6-7 different directions , that heliocentric fake ass jews assert , the nightime sky and all the constellations would never look the same ; or be in their current positions in the sky - year after year - century after century - millenia after millenia !!

The sky and the so called planets / stars / constellations , are in the exact locations , just as they were observed / recorded with mathmatical precision and meticulously documented , by our ancient and related ancestors / civilizations.

Ecclesiastes 12:7 KJV : " Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was : and the Spirit shall return unto God who gave it." :{ thru the tunnel of death toward the light at the end of the tunnel / polaris / throne of Yahweh / where our relatives and ancestors are aka Heaven !!! }:

John 3:3 KJV : " Jesus :{ Christ Yashua }: answered :{ nicodemus }: and said : " Verily , verily , I say unto thee , Except a man be born again :{ the correct translation should say : ""BORN FROM ABOVE"" because only White Adamics were born from above - remember the silver spiritual umbilical cord / link between Yahweh and his white adamic remnant on earth - the entire scriptures are about Race - The White Adamic Israelite Race and no one else !! - that spiritual link / umbilical cord does not exist within the DNA of fake ass jews or any other subhuman POS - they are broken cisterns / mongrels / bastards / that can hold no spirit of Yahweh !! }: , he cannot see :{ much less enter }: the kingdom of God .

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BrotherinChrist 2 months ago

Great post brother! Just to note, as you may know already. The one Bible I found with John 3:3 translated correctly, in English, is the Great Bible of 1539. Just as you stated.

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