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Dr Wesley Swift - The Mystery of Israel and the Church

Published on 27 Aug 2022 / In Bible / Sermons
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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 30 days ago

America funded Marxism- still does
Destroy it ?!?
That is like abortion The same Jews own America and Russia China
“ we “ don’t exist only ((( they))) exist.
Nothing happens without (( them)))
Unfortunately/ I believe that Jesus Christ is a Jewish construct to recruit compliant Goyim as workers to overthrow others.
When your done with their work
,.. the wages of sin is death/
You get what czar and Adolf got
I don’t trust Jesus Christ- however
However- there may be 2 one a fake - I haven’t known the real one/ I will not deny it’s possible as the fake one won and that I didn’t believe either

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exposethejeugenda 3 months ago

appreciate these uploads friend!

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