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Dr. William Shockley on Race

Published on 09 Dec 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

Dr. William Shockley inventor of the transistor, on Race, IQ, and Eugenics
Race is more than skin deep. And although currently kept under the radar by the politically correct cultural Marxist in Academia, Media, and government the truth will win in the long run. .... and then we will have to act upon those Truths.
for those of you don't grasp the concept. the dimmer people are having more children. the more intellectual people are having far less.
Look to Detroit and Washington in 2013 to prove the Doctors theory.

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Soldier1 10 months ago

I thought it interesting that the jews are adding Anglo male aborted baby dna to vaccines. It's as if they think that by adding Adamic dna to a Canaanites who has Eve's dna they can create someone who could go to heaven. It's absurd. Jews are maniacs and psychopaths.

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frogsgottalent 11 months ago
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