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Drag Queen Pedophiles Get Called Out.

Published on 08 Jun 2022 / In Homo / LGBTQP Agenda
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bannedforhatespeech 1 year ago

I hate that we live in a world where the majority of the public is ok with this. this society deserves to fall.

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GlitterFinch 1 year ago

Public shaming works! Keep calling the perverts out!

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drutsohg 1 year ago

I recognize the voice, Aryan Bacon. I never trusted Handsome Truth or the Goyim Defense League before. But since Aryan Bacon has been hanging around them and they have been doing all this real-life activism, there just is no doubt they are doing waaay more than anyone else. They have countless interactions with police and they handle it just right. Well, they take a lawyer with them LOL

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WhiteFuture 1 year ago

what a time we live in

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Spectralwulf 1 year ago

There is also footage of the other guy that yells Pedophile! over and over again. It's good to see these degenerates getting some heat - but who knows how far this conflict will go if the gay mafia keeps pushing for ever-greater indecency towards children? At some point, protests may not be enough to dissuade this twisted behavior. They need to fear righteous wrath.

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drutsohg 1 year ago

I have no doubt about what will turn back this sort of evil. I can't believe white parents are putting up with as much as they are already

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SaxonWarrior 12 months ago

Exactly stop paying into their system!!

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