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driving while black

steven aponte
Published on 03 May 2022 / In Police State / J.W.O.

found on youtube several years back... shows nonwhite arrested for ...??? the nigger michael king said it best as 'injustice anywhere threatens justice everywhere' ... if police-state can get away with doing this to non-whites, soon no one will have any rights or responsibilities ...the choice has always been... endure oppression...or resist...

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Schmetterling 14 days ago

Well they need reasonable suspicion to pull you over and they can ask you to get out of the car. If they find anything it’s probable cause to arrest you. If you do not comply they can arrest you for resisting. If anything they do is unlawful you lawyer up so that your attorney can request video, evidence etc to prove your case. Ex if you are driving erratically they can stop you for reasonable suspicion that you are drunk. Probable cause would be beer cans open in your vehicle. Then request you to get out for breath test and do the walk in straight line test etc. so on and so forth. Best to comply and complain later. It is what it is. Know the law and your rights.

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TheEveryman777 15 days ago

Possibly profiled. But no matter if you are white or black etc... There's this pattern I noticed that the pigs just ignore everything you say like your not even talking. Then after they do dumb unlawful shit they constantly listen and run their mouth defending their actions.

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twistedjoker 15 days ago

Niggers all have such big mouths

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