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Drunk driver crashes into gas pump

Published on 30 Nov 2021 / In Cars & Vehicles
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ytrebiLeurT 8 months ago

Avoid the PCR test at all costs. The test is used to collect genetic material in order to create a tailor-made, deadly disease for each individual, which is then administered by syringe or in some other way. This is the biggest, most terrifying criminal case in human history. The terrorists who made the weapon are known by name. There will be an extremely high number of deaths, let's face it, the retreat into the internet will not free us. I am not a believer but ... God help us ...

The video has not yet been translated into English but if it's translated I'll of course post it. https://www.bitchute.com/video..../Rgb2ITle85Z5/?list=

Content description:
"Dr. Heiko Schöning is not only an expert in the medical field, he also excels as an investigative writer. Dr. Schöning determined the connections between the background networks in connection with the anthrax terrorist attacks of 2001. In 2001, today's company Emergent Biosolution was still called Bioport. When it came out that the Bioport employee Dr. Bruce Ivins who carried out the anthrax crimes ended his life, as usual, as an alleged suicide in the prison cell. There could be no witness for the crimes of the company management. This company, now Emergent Biosolutions, manufactures the Covid vaccine for large pharmaceutical companies. The globalists mostly let state-owned companies do this dirty work. Dr. Schöning now makes the connection, since the anthrax manufacturers from 2001 still produce the Covid poison today. Dr. Schöning says that if people knew they were getting injected with a serum made by criminals and terrorists, they would refuse. He says: As soon as the criminals are identified, their game is over. This is also the name of his disclosure book: GAME OVER. Dr. Schöning: "Vaccinations have side effects. It's just a question of who vaccinates and with which substance? And for what purpose? So what is actually contained in the substances? Because the manufacturer of a large part of the Covid-19 vaccine, the company Emergent -Biosolutions, belongs to a criminal organization. When you see that the manufacturers of a vaccine, and the people in charge of it, are criminals, then you just have to say, wait a minute, we have to investigate that very carefully."

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8 months ago

It took them long enough to exit the vehicle. Scary moment!

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ytrebiLeurT 8 months ago

Has nothing to do with the video, just a note that I wanted to get rid of.
People who are blocked on this side: The censor is the accuser, judge and executioner in one person, the accused has no rights to defend himself if others are drawn into the plot against him. Not only are people hysterical in the videos, but obviously some on this page as well. I'm curious who else is blocking me and I have no idea why. Thanks for your effort to upload videos ...

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