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Published on 20 Sep 2020 / In History

The (((makers)))of degenerate child p. The jew is always at the heart of the most evil of plans. Dr. William Luther Pierce said everything here. Eastern European Slave trade.

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san_nicola 8 months ago

Another classic case of god's fault.
He's almighty ! He's a magician !
You motherfuckin lazy bastard...Do already the magic, that will make everyone completely normal !
It's 100% god's fault, that he didn't prevent the pedophilia from its core !
He must have programmed everyone to never do anything unnatural, wrong, evil...

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Fabi Vel el Ser Integral

Also the bolshevik Revolution was motivated by 6.. I mean sex. Therefore they violated all women as posible, no matter underage or too old. The French revolution was done by Jews to using a sexual symbol too. BY THE POWER IOF SEX!! I mean 6.

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Fabi Vel el Ser Integral

Their Talmud says as mating an underage "is not a sin!" They were the creators of German prostitution after WW!. And they stilll being the Kings. All Porn, on magazines and web sites belons to a Jew.

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