Never, Ever use a jews words or "Research" to prop up a particular theory or stance that you have on any of my websites because I will nuke you faster than you can say
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Elijah the Prophet & the end times

Chaplain Bob Walker
Published on 18 Dec 2020 / In Bible / Sermons

Elijah shall return as one of the 2 witnesses. the false prophet of the man of sin aka son of perdition aka antichrist beast shall also likely claim to be Elijah and perform similar miracles to test our faith.

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Lawiah 2 years ago

The beast who calls itself Jew descended from the Fallen Ones through Cain; they have one program, to murder the White Adamic man; by casting them into chains of darkness, through miscegenation and bestiality, to include Negroid, Mongoloid and every other mixed mongrel.

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