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Elon Musk's Hitler Tweet

Published on 29 Mar 2022 / In Interesting

⁣Elon Musk's Hitler Tweet
American Jewish Committee

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DecodeReality 1 year ago

Holocaust distortion. Facepalm central.

1) The gas chambers were either a total hoax, or deaths were massively exaggerated.
2) The Zionists betrayed their own people. Soro-types rounded up the pedestrian Jews, for the slaughter. See the Judenrat
3). German/Swiss freemason companies ran experiments on prisoners in the camps. IG Farben/IBM were part of the prison camp infrastructure.

Neo-Nazis also have a tendency to cherry pick or avoid certain topics that are inconvenient to them. Just accept that the 20th century was very late for Europe, and the banks/Zionists supported both sides. At this point, I'm convinced that most of you literally jack off over the uniforms.

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m0rglee 1 year ago

*STALIN. :facepalm: @ this upside down world. o/

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Bill 1 year ago

What an insult, musk owes Adolf an apology !

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