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End Game" Satan's Plan - Part 2 Bible Corruption

Chaplain Bob Walker
Published on 25 Jun 2021 / In Satanism / Occult

⁣Satan's Endgame: Part 2 - Bible corruption
Destroy our faith in the word of God
"Yea hath God said.....Ye shall be as gods knowing good and evil"
Does what Bible we use matter?
ALL Bibles do not say the same thing.
Things different are not the same.

Do we trust the majority Greek Texts the King James is based on or the Vatican minority texts that modern Bibles are based upon?
You know the vatican that killed people for having a Bible?

One of the major minority texts are claimed to have been a forgery by Constantine on his death bed.

So is "Lucifer" a "mistranslation" in the King James Bible?
Dr. James White says so...

Translation of "Lucifer", as in the King James Version, has been abandoned in modern English
translations of Isaiah 14:12.
Present-day translations have "morning star" (New International Version, New Century Version,
New American Standard Bible, Good News Translation, Holman Christian Standard Bible,
Contemporary English Version, Common English Bible, Complete Jewish Bible)

The complete JEW Bible calls the one who fell from heaven the same as a name of Jesus....
and they call this an improvement in the Hebrew roots movement.

In Revelation 22:16 Jesus says he is the MORNING STAR....
So did Jesus fall from heaven going to the pit of hell?

Who do Luciferians serve?
They know who Lucifer is.....

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Steelmidnight 1 year ago

The idea the the KJV (which is the preserved word of God. And since that is the version we had for over 300 years, and God promised to make his word preserved for every generation, then its what God wanted us to have).

There are no "errors" in the bible. Not one. EVERYTHING we were meant to know is in that book...What it DOES have (and this is where they are getting the "errors" misconception or in some cases deliberately lying) are words that have multiple meanings. And since the book would have been unreadable if they listed every single meaning for every word that has multiple meanings, the translators, and remember they were inspired by the spirt, chose the word of the multiple choices that THEY Believe fit. And I think this was God plan all along. After all, the Greek language is still a modern language, and ANY of us can go back on any part which may seem "symbolic" and seek the alternative words that share a meaning. An example of this for instance, is "Day"....Which means exactly as it is written (24 hrs) OR it can mean "age" or Aeon". The characters for all three are identical, just as we would say "fish" as a living fish, or "fish" as in fish something out of the pile. Confused? It shouldnt be. Every language uses multiple meanings after all, and some secrets God wanted people to put the extra legwork and passion into examining imo.

I believe God even HINTS at these secrets. For example, an "Age" can be 1,000 years. An Aeon is one Billion years, and did God NOT tell us elsewhere that time is different for him in a way we cant understand? That a day to the Lord could be as 1000 years, or 1000 years as a day?

WHY would the LORD do this?

To keep certain secrets out of the hands of the Jew for starters. When you understand scripture and seek its secrets, you will come away with NO DOUBT that they are the anti-Christ. If the Jew had known the book so directly identifies them as the children of Cain and of the Rempham, they would have spared NO EFFORT to see every bible burned and purged from the world. By hiding these secrets, God shows how much he is ahead of their schemes. What people understand and take away from scripture through prayer, is what God wants you to take away from it. What he DIDNT want, is for us to hear his word second hand.

God even warned us that in the last days people would twist and rewrite his word. ALL of these newer bibles arent just trying to be "convenient". The new bibles have been subtly changed in VERY strategic ways in a mad dash to hide the truth that has been getting around.

Take Solomon 5:10. It describes the Israelite Solomon saying "My beloved is white and ruddy, chief of 10,000. The verse has NO alternative word meanings anywhere in the sentence, so if this was REALLY about "fixing errors" this would be a verse they would have no reason to alter.....
AND YET ALL the new bibles say something different for this line.

One says "Radiant and ruddY".....Make THAT make sense in its context LOL.

Another is "Shining and ruddy"....Sounds like the name of a western comedy sci fi flick.

One says "Glowing and ruddy:.

See what they are REALLY trying to hide in this verse?

I can list other examples as well (But I am exhausted sorry....Perhaps tomorrow)

People claiming God couldnt keep his book straight are calling our blessed father a liar.....There IS no symbolism in that book that isnt explained Somewhere in said book.There ARE nocontraditions in that book. One need only pray for God to life the fog, to see through to the perfection that is his holy word!

God bless!

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FearlessFaith 1 year ago

Great post. Makes sense to me, on the ALL the different meanings the goats get.

Thank you Jesus.

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FearlessFaith 1 year ago

I pray people get this, you've done so many wonderful studies, but this is the root to wisdom. Having the right bible. Praying in Faith, full belief leads you to this. In Jesus' Name.

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Chaplain Bob Walker
Chaplain Bob Walker 1 year ago

the changes and things left out really hit home with me.

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