Epic main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces near completion. Soviet WW2 Sacrifice commemorated.

Published on 21 Sep 2020 / In Bible / Sermons

Located in Patriot Park in Kubinka, Moscow Oblast.

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2 years ago

yeah, just watched some more of the vidoe. Of course the Russian Bolshevik would not just simply build a church! They had to tie it to their USSR / communist propaganda - SAD

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MaHann 2 years ago

The Russians were the whores of the kikes why should I celebrate this shit The Russians were defeated by us Germans in 1943 if not the Mongols came in and they wasted all of our ammo stupid Russian shit here

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2 years ago

you ass wipe. Areyou not aware of what the Kikes did to the Ethnic Russians? They genocided tens of millions of them! And then they mentally enslaved those that they deemed wordy of work and military service. Yes they lost to the Kikes but that is no reason to call them Mongols, not all of them have Mongol ad-mixture that is shit the kikes like to say to create division between the different Whtie Race tribes. Stop helping them by putting down other White tribes. In realtion to this video, it's clear that the Kikes in Russia have figured out that they can better control the Slavs by allowing them to excersice their fait. As long as it does not pose a danger to them they are OK it seems - Just human resource management for them

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HateUsernames 2 years ago

On my places to visit now

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simonlegree73 2 years ago

That is amazing. The details. Hard to express words.

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